As we go into this next week, I want everyone to know I love them.

Even the Trump supporters who still linger around me. I love you, too. It’s exactly why I push back against the hatred Trump’s “leadership” has allowed and encouraged. It’s because I love you, even if you don’t encourage love. I know you’re hurt in some way, I just won’t allow you to continue that hurt pattern. So if you insist on staying stuck there, I wish you well, but I won’t encourage it. I love you enough not to enable you.

To who I believe is the vast majority, I hope you voted or will vote for a reset. We all know the work ahead is overwhelming, but I have faith we can all begin to move in a more healing direction. The past four years have been excruciating for so many. Even if you have done a lot of healing around your personal wounds, this “leadership” knew how to rub salt in those cuts. He also made some fresh cuts in us all, whether we realize it or not. In many ways, this one man has done more damage than some of the world’s worst “leaders” in history. He has abused physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and it almost seems he created a new realm of trauma, and what it means to be traumatized. He brainwashed so many, and left those who saw through it with friends and family who fell victim. We’ve all seen the inner Trump come out of many of our loved ones. I know I have in far too many. I’m ashamed of many who should have seen through it all long ago. Yet I know they’re hurting, even if they won’t admit it.

These past few years, especially this year, is a collective moment of tragedy.

We can all begin to heal, but we must first hit that reset button. This week is the biggest moment of truth any of us will have seen in our lifetime.

Take good care. I love you all.

Kara recently completed the Grief Support Specialist certification through UW Madison Continuing Studies. She also is a Reiki Master Practitioner and Motivational Energy Couch at Bounce Energy Healing LLC. Click this link to Book an Appointment with Kara.

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